Welcome to fwd: - the happy subscription pack. Hi! My name is Haley Kennedy, I'm a designer and entrepreneur from Canada and am SO excited to share this project with you! 

The idea for fwd: came to me after months of searching for a greater sense of calm within my own life. After alot of time struggling to make peace with myself, I have finally found a state of balance with the help of mindful self care. This method of caring for yourself both physically and mentally takes into account how you feel on the inside and out. I really want these packs to give you exactly what you need, just as you are, right now.

These themed packs will offer a variety of carefully curated products to help guide you in the right direction. A big portion of this project focuses on the support of indie makers, as well as spreading those positive feelings out into the world! Each  pack will include several prompts and/or compliment cards (with an envelope) for you to gift to friends, family, or to put out into your community. Think of "fwd:" like forwarding an email to someone- a simple way to stay connected and spread what matters to you. Not only caring for yourself, but also using what you've learned as means to reach out to others.

lets look fwd: to 2019

all the best,

Haley xx